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John Stark of Stark Barn

August 9, 2019 

At Stark Farms, we have our own version of 3D for making something more lasting and durable than any 3D printer could ever make…. your relationship with friends, family, husband, wife and significant others.

Our 3D is dialogue, date and depart somewhere different with someone significant to you.

John Stark of Stark Barn

February 25, 2019 

God, Family, Country comes alive at Stark Farms. We can feel the ambiance in the Barn. The Pastors from our church feel God’s presence, our family escapes the busyness of their businesses and crowded schedules, and we salute the men and women who believe in our sovereign nation and America’s rightful place in this world

John Stark of Stark Barn

January 22, 2019 

The Barn at Stark Farms came to be back in the 1700s when General John Stark and his son built it on their family farm in New Hampshire. John Stark was a devoted military man who fought in the French & Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and several battles, such as Bunker Hill, Trenton and Princeton, and Bennington.

Goats at Stark farm

May 2, 2018

Retired Odessa resident John Zumwalt III bought the barn in 2013. Then, he had the barn dismantled, moved to Odessa and then restored and reassembled! The Stark Barn becomes a living history center and lodging house. Featuring colonial-era crafts and farming education, it’s perhaps the oldest barn in Florida.

Stark Barn Drawing

May 2018 


The owners shipped an historic Barn built in the 1700’s in New Hampshire, built by one of the signers of the Constitution and rebuilt it as a bed and breakfast. 

May 1, 2018 

ODESSA — Not many barns are topped by a cupola.

Then again, not many barns were built by a Revolutionary War hero.

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